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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plus Size Lass?

Plus Size Lass offers dresses for sale in the form of a collection of 360 contemporary upscale dresses for sizes 12 and better.

How do I buy a dress?

Click on the dress name or picture. A new window will open, leading to the merchant who has this dress for sale. Use their buy button or Add to Cart to purchse the dress from them.

Why don't you sell me the dress?

Plus Size Lass has no ecommerce, no inventory, no cart. Plus Size Lass identifies the dresses you may l like and offers them to you, then refers you to the merchant who sells the dress you choose.

What does Joining Today mean?

Joining Today indicates a dress that is a new addition to the 360 Collection, selected by Plus Size Lass independently or by poll and opinion surveys. This dress will be added into Latest Arrivals as soon as the next new dress arrives.

When a dress is added to the 360 Collection, it appears at the top left of its department.

What does Departing Soon mean?

Departing Soon indicates a dress that is being removed from the 360 Collection; the dresses may still be availlable from the offering merchant. This dress will be added into Recent Departures as soon as another dress is chosen as the latest departure.

Quite often, dresses removed from the 360 Collection can still be purchased from the merchant. However, a dress will be immediately removed from Departing Soon or Recent Departures as soon as Plus Size Lass learns that the dress is no longer available from the merchant's store site.

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